5 Lessons I Learnt From Richest African Billionaires- Creative Minds.

Many people jump in to business as the only means of survival as a result of financial difficulties facing them either from their parents or from their close friends. And in other to make both ends meet, their make a lot of mistakes that has led to their business failure. Don’t worry, i will teach you 5 lessons about the richest African billionaires.

In this article, am gonna share 5 lessons i have learnt so far from Richest African Billionaires. Take it bit by bit i wrote this for you.

Lesson One: Problems are opportunities in disguise . Peoples problem are simply avenue to generate wealth; if only you can position yourself as a problem solver. Be a critical problem solver.

Mike Adenuga and Mo Ibrahim solved the telecommunication problem in Africa; Aliko Dangote provided the basic needs of Nigerians and Africans in general while while Patrice Motsepe helped Africa maximize her potentials with respect to mineral resources.

Lesson two: Money is not seen with your eyes. You can only see money with your mind; that’s if your mind has been trained to spot business opportunities among problems.

Lesson three: Concentrate on your strength.

Aliko Dangote concentrated on commodities, Femi Otedola concentrated on diesel etc. These people concentrated on what their know how to do best. so if your are going to achieve extra ordinary success; if you want to build a successful business empire, then you must learn how to concentrate on your core.

Lesson four: Understand your business to the core

To understand a successful business, you must understand your business to the core; you must know it’s intricacies and numbers.

Lesson five: Despise not the days of little beginning.

Aside from Sawiris family who inherited their wealth; the remaining Africans billionaires did not attain wealth by sudden flight. They worked their way up from the scratch. A very big lesson for those aspiring to start a business; success in business comes in bit by bit and little winnings. Over night success will never happen so forget it. it took Dangote 30 years to achieve it so if you aspire to build a business conglomerate, then start small and stick to the process.

Remember, Rome was not build in a day.

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